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Feb 24th 2007 - 15:05 GMT
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January 2007
Abstract is the project index you are currently reading, a portal to access all projects I have open files on and am working on in one capacity or another. This file also hosts general news entries.
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• Updating projects, news and assistance task listings to reflect the actual work situation.
Not with the index, but with all things listed in the index...

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As long as there's one project out there ongoing, so long it exists...
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A total of 5 news and updates related to this project entry have been posted. : Project Index frozen

Feb 23rd 2008 - 19:15 GMT
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This project index is indefinitely frozen. It never generated the response I had hoped would follow from the target audience of the countless projects realizing how much was going on, and how insane it was for a one man undertaking. In fact, there was hardly any response at all. That in itself told me a whole long story of its own on the lack of a noteworthy ongoing need for much of what I've worked on.

Readers of Vraja Journal know more details about my ongoing winding up of the extensive services in favor of a more contemplative, internal life. I need to give more focus to my own practice and personal needs, cutting down on activity that forces me to compromise on aspects of my life that have risen to the forefront and keep me in a constant awareness of their priority.

Please see the entry link (below) for a synopsis of what's to follow with the undertakings documented in this index. Announcements of the few future updates that are still to come in the upcoming months before everything is finalized, all files closed and my online Gaudiya legacy archived, will be found at Vraja Journal.

In closing, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to all who had sympathy for what I tried to do for a shared good, and especially to those few precious souls who offered a helping hand at times of need. I wish that all would forgive the plenitude of shortcomings in my work and remember the earnestness of my intention with warmth. It was an offering of goodwill, a burden of love I bore, a contribution with which I strove to address a need I perhaps naively wished would have been there in a capacity greater than time proved it to be.

Perhaps the visions I shared with the countless open files listed here serve to inspire a future where the demand grows and justifies extended attention to practical endeavors that carry them to more substantial conclusions. May there be happiness, good will and wisdom of spirit for all.
Feedback Comment on this news item: Send feedback. : Decreased Activity

Feb 24th 2007 - 16:14 GMT
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Those of you who've been reading Vraja Journal know that I've had to trim down my project activities over the last two weeks or so due to my wife's having undergone an operation, calling me to take on the bulk of her housework and so forth. I expect her full recovery to be taking anything from two weeks to a month.

With the project index online for a bit over a month now, I gather from the (lack of) public interest level that community participation that'd facilitate the giving of proper focus to the entire range of projects in the index is not a present day reality.

As such, in the weeks to come I will be working towards trimming my own participation down to the bare essentials, both to give more room to my own bhajana as well as to give proper focus to works that are particularly substantial. If you are interested in weighing in, please use the "Send feedback" links in the project entries.

Expect to read reflections on all things related at Vraja Journal, and news entries here whenever reflections crystallize into something concrete.
Feedback Comment on this news item: Send feedback. : Translations and essays added

Jan 23rd 2007 - 04:50 GMT
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Some translations and one essay have been added to the More section of the website. More to follow once I get my archives sorted out.
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Jan 20th 2007 - 12:41 GMT
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The More page has been populated with initial content: Two series of classes and some transcripts, links to some essays online. If you have suggestions on what more should be included, please send feedback.
Feedback Comment on this news item: Send feedback. : Project Index opened!

Jan 19th 2007 - 12:33 GMT
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The project index, a work in progress since a while, is finally up and running. If it took me a week to figure out what I'm doing, one wonders how long it takes to do what I'm supposed to be doing...

I'm sure I've missed something, especially in the way of assistance tasks. Please contact and let me know of any omissions you spot.
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