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       Dhanny Ganesh
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Every project calls for time and resources. These two, unfortunately, don't grow on trees. That being the case, there's a need for support to keep things going and growing. Avenues for practical support have been amply covered in the work index. Here's an avenue to help me allocate more time for all this precious work.


Given the amount of work that has gone into all the ongoing projects, an echo of support – in whichever shape it may come – is an integral aspect in sustaining the working motivation. I tend to equate substantial interest with support, for the former includes a natural desire for seeing the object of interest maintained.


I cannot emphasize enough that support, whichever form it takes, is most helpful when sustained. A one-time donation, while certainly helpful, will not last for too long. Periodical donations and committed participation are the way for building up a scenario that will remain for the distant future.


Our basic monthly costs for living are hardly worth mentioning – around 150€ per month. Topped with some debts to clear away, around 300€ per month. Yes, and of course we're building our Bhajan Kutir that eats every extra penny we can get.

The substantial expenses have to do with costs primarily incurred for the sake of all the ongoing projects. Counting since 2002, which is when the first projects started, I'm about 4500€ short of breaking even. Running monthly costs are in the range of 100€, and then there are occasional costs such as hardware repairs and upgrades.


These are some practical costs looming in the future towards which you can donate. You can also bring the items to Radha-kunda in person if you wish.

The following are some titles I will eventually need to purchase as resources for reference, research and writing.


If you have the means to help, please do so. We would really appreciate it very much. Whether small time or big time help, it's all for the good. Remember the squirrels and the monkeys who both chipped in when Rama was building that famous bridge to Lanka – no-one is too small (or too big) to participate.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me. And if you want to read that long-winded blurb I once wrote for this page, click here.