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Server Administration

Jan 14th 2007 - 19:16 GMT
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October 2004
We need to keep all these websites somewhere, eh? Seeing that the system runs as intended and that everything says online and available is also a part of the project.
Md tasks
• Diverse system administration tasks
• Dave has been helping with admin work every so often.
• Braja Gopal extended his generosity by hosting our projects for free for two years on a spare server his company had.

Tasks you can help with:
    » None currently listed.
If you can read this, the status is good.

Related news:
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    » Addressing server issues
    » Server Move
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There's no way over or around it, no matter how much we love getting our hands dirty when things break down. Gah...
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Server Administration : Feedback form abuses

May 25th 2007 - 14:47 GMT
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All across.
Over the recent months, many of our sites have been subject to both feedback form spam (received by us) and form hi-jacking abuse for spam purposes.

Vulnerabilities have now been addressed across all sites, and I should now be enjoying a decrease of spam in my inbox. Those gremlins, they make me waste my precious time on unnecessary tasks.
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Server Administration : Addressing server issues

Feb 3rd 2007 - 18:02 GMT
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Since our move off the old machine to the new server, we've been having occasional glitches that have escalated over the last couple of weeks. Dave has been tracking down and addressing problems, and will be doing more maintenance work over the weekend.

Please report any glitches or unresponsiveness to us. When reporting, please try to give an exact description what happened, and more importantly the exact time of its occurrence to help us track down the exact cause from the server's log files.

You can use this site's feedback forms for reporting problems the project index is hosted on a separate server to ensure we have an information outlet even if things break down.
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Server Administration : Server Move

Sep 12th 2006 - 12:01 GMT  ·  Updated: Sep 28th 2006 - 07:07 GMT
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Sometime during the next 24 hours there'll be an outage with our services. We are migrating from one server to another. Expect possible hiccups and outages across the sites I've been maintaining until the end of the month, this is a fairly involving task especially amidst preparing for a move to Radha-kunda.
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